Mr. Modi’s magical effect on Bangalore Real Estate


The newspapers have reported that crores of rupees has been deposited into bank accounts in the last 2 days of Mr. Modi’s clampdown on “Black Money”. Imagine the sum till 31st Dec 2016, all this amount will become disposable income which one has to invest. The only avenues primarily available with a steady trend are real estate, automobile and gold. Most investors in Bangalore are from the IT segment, who make all payments by Cheque only. The impact on cash transaction will not affect Bangalore market on a broad basis. There is also a limit up to which one can invest in gold and automobile. For large value transactions real estate emerges as the ideal destination or perhaps the only destination. A destination the present citizens can reach immediately. Hence as the investments improve demand is bound to go up and in turn prices. The current correction will be temporary since the citizens are in a state of shock and have set their new economy going. It is therefore best to invest in Real Estate now and see the investment appreciate. For more Investment in growth corridors of Bangalore, visit

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