Looking For a Plot? A Must Follow Guideline

Buying a property has never been easier. However, if you adopt the right tips, it can be much easier. Below are few MUST FOLLOW guidelines before zeroing in on a purchase.


  • Research and Study: It could be one of the most important purchases of your life, be it for an investment, or your future home. Picking up the right property is critical and must be done after a lot of intense research comparative study of the quality, finishes, infrastructure and amenities. Reading up on what real estate consultants suggest, clarifying queries through independent forums and keeping track of developments in the industry can take you a long way. While it may be a time consuming task, it is well worth the effort. It is also worthwhile to view a lot of consumer centric programmes which share their experienced with the developer. A proper due-diligence prior to the purchase is a must, regardless of the volumes of study or advice that one might receive.
  • Know Builder’s Reputation: Make sure to always go through a reliable developer with credible background and a good market standing. One needs to check whether the developer has the requisite permissions or licenses in place and if the property is not under any legal disputes. Also, We need to check if basic facilities and amenities are being provided. With a reputation to maintain for the developer, your risk of running into a ‘wrong’ investment is low.
  • Cross-check: Real estate is majorly challenged with the problem of fake and expired listings when you visit portals. Double check the listing you see on the portal with the developer offline and preferably choose a site that offers verified listings.
  • Choose the best home loan: Compare bank loan offers online and choose the best amongst the interest rates, application fee, tenure, partial payment flexibility, EMI amount, etc offered by them, On an average, most top banks charge an interest rate between 9.90% and 11.75%, and application fees could range from INR 2,500/- to INR 10,000/-. Ensure that you have a good credit history. It is worthwhile to keep a tab on the latest policy pronouncements by the government and various agencies for ensuring you understand the interest-rate regime. Make sure you disclose all loans that you are servicing at the time of applying. Non disclosure will lead to the loan getting rejected.
  • Read through the fine print: Make sure you know everything before making the commitment to purchase the plot. Information right from the booking amount, stamp duty and other taxes, time of possession, facilities provided to cancellation fees if any etc. needs to be analyzed very minutely.

If you are looking to buy or invest in a premium plots in Bangalore, you must look at the elegant residential plotted development options provided by KNS Infrastructure with high class finishes of international standards. All projects are located across key growth areas of Bangalore such as Sarjapur, Mysore Road and Electronic City.

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