How to Make Sure Residential Project Has Right Amenities for You?

The rising price of land over the years has also seen a rise in the number of residential complexes and townships across real estate growth pockets of Bangalore. Vertical residential projects has been gaining more acceptance amongst buyers in the real estate market, as it offered an alternative staying within city limits where there are space constraints. In addition, higher quality of amenities that were offered in such residential development projects, made it further attractive.

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The increase in demand for apartment complexes triggered the change of cityscapes into concrete jungles. This is particularly evident in the cases of metro cities like Bangalore, where independent homes and villas in the city are being swapped for high-rises. With the IT boom and subsequent rise in jobs and population, Bangalore’s citizens found more favor with the cozy comfort of community living, each with a 2/3/4 BHK to call one’s own.

But do you know what a residential project is? Often functioning like a city within a city, a township or apartment complex is a residential project that includes multiple high-rise buildings that also include amenities such as a club house, gymnasium, swimming pool, sport complexes, gardens, children’s play area, security and more. While such accommodation does not come cheap, it should be kept in mind that there are a wide range of townships and complexes on offer, which offer a mix of amenities and facilities that can significantly alter your expense.

Therefore, it would be advisable to choose a residential plotted development that offers the very basic amenities as well as a few extras; and it may also be worthwhile to see if the extras are really worth the investment by comparing costs incurred to maintain it.

So, what are the amenities on offer today in Indian real estate in the plotted development segment?

First: The basics – what your plot should have?

These include breathing space, parking facilities, power backup and, most importantly, safety and security. Considering the power scenario in major Indian cities, it is all the more important that the residential project should offer a source of backup power to ensure minimum disruptions in your day-to-day living.

It is important to check that if a good security system is in place in the apartment or township of your choice.

It is also essential that an area of the residential complex has a dedicated play area for children. As such townships and complexes often find favor amongst young families.

Second: the frills – Modern amenities offered in Residential Plotted Developments

This includes the likes of a club house, swimming pool, gymnasium and more. These extras are particularly suited for those families that follow a dedicated lifestyle or fitness plan. While a swimming pool, gymnasium and clubhouse are guaranteed in most complexes, there are developers who aim to provide more than this. From Jacuzzis to spas, yoga rooms, entertainment centers, libraries, gardens and paved walkways. Some even up the ante by providing WiFi-enabled spaces and a shopping center where you can do your most basic, everyday shopping for groceries and other staples.

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Living in a bustling city and traveling to work / schools every day is a traumatic affair. Once you get home, you’d need to be comfortable to spend your time. Basic amenities like power backup, parking space, convenient maintenance help, security etc. along with a few recreational facilities like a gym and a swimming pool, and definitely a few trees, are what you should first check off on your list. Then come the other top-notch facilities like a playground, a spa, a big garden and a library, along with a roomy home will surely make you happy!

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